Art Deco Vase by Gaetan Jeannin

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Rare Art Deco boule vase by glass makers Gaetan Jeannin together with it's original certificate. The certificate in French gives the model number as 419 and states the designer was "Caudal". The certificate is dated July 1929 it has a photo of the vase which caries the manufacturers perforation as validity of origin. There is a photograph of the workshop in Billancourt on the reverse.

Gaetan Jeannin were a glass workshop located in Boulogne Billancourt who specialised in using sand blasting to obtain decorative effects in glass. They were the first workshop to exhibit glass panels decorated with this teqnique at the Exposition des Arts decoratifs et Industriel in Paris 1925.

Gaetan Jeannin were an innovative company, they completed many prestigious commissions for objects and decorated glass panels worldwide during the 1930s. These included the Oviatt building in Los Angeles and the church of St Martin in northern France.

19 cm dia x 17cm H

Tags: vase, glass, art deco, verre, verrerie