Mural painting by Eugene Klementieff

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A very large 3 panel mural oil on board painting by Eugene Klementief.

Dimension cm : each panel measures 98 w by 236 h total 294 w x 236 h

This painting was stored for many years in a damp barn and some damage has occurred to the plywood structure. The worst areas have been re glued where possible. The panels are structurally sound and mounted on a wooden chassis frame using screws only. The panels could be unmounted for transport if required

Eugene Klementief escaped to the southern non occupied sector of France during the war. 

He was of Russian origin but was working in Paris when war broke out.

It is believed this painting was made for the owners of the domaine he stayed at.

The panel is signed and dated 1944,  there is a dedication at the Bottom right of the panel.

We believe the dedication refers to "Vendanges Zao". In Biblical terms Zao is the idilic or perfect life, Vendange is the French name for the grape harvest in the Autumn every year.

In this allegorical scene female musicians some of whom have been working on the harvest, celebrate the event with music. In the background are the ruins of another age whilst two matadors appear to be riding stood upright on the back of a bull.

A similar themed much smaller work lacking the vivacity of this panel was sold at auction in 2010 for 4800 euros.